Mushroom Casing is the last layer of media in commercial mushroom growth. Peat is used as it will hold 10 times it's own weight in moisture, and mushrooms thrive in this environment. Casing is a natural environment for mushrooms to grow in. Casing also gives the mushroom a vibrant natural color which many other media do not give. Mushroom casing consists of a blend of wet peats which are neutralized. There are many different mushroom growing systems throughout the world, from mushroom bag growing systems, mushroom tray systems and Mushroom Shelf systems. What all theses mushroom growing systems have in common is they all use Mushroom Casing Soils.

Our Mushroom Casing 

As Harte Peat are in control of every step of our Mushroom Casing Production we have the ability to offer custom blends of casing to all our commercial mushroom growing farms.  Our Mushroom casing production routines allows us to have strict control and exacting standards on production quality and mushroom casing costs to you the grower. 

The variations are based upon the type of growing system and the customers preference. Being the most popular mushroom worldwide the White Mushroom Casing mix is constantly in production. We are often asked for variations in the White Mushroom Casing Mix, as some customers prefer a (for instance) a higher or lower Moisture content, this is down to customer preference, their environment, of even a simple element of a reduction of shipping costs.

The Portobello mushrooms are the mature form of various brown coloured strains of the species. The different strains are different in more than just colour, but taste as well

The brown mushroom comes in 2 sizes closed cup sometimes called Chestnut and the larger “mini Portobello. We provide specific brown Casing for the commerical Mushroom growers worldwide. 

Casings for White Mushrooms

The white mushroom would be far and away the most popular and comes in 4 sizes (button, closed cup, open cup and large). We provide specific Casing for the white Mushroom to customers worldwide. 

Flat Mushroom Casings Available

These large flat mushrooms are popular for stuffing and baking in the oven. They can grow to be the size of an adult's palm. Many in Ireland call them the Breakfast Flat Mushroom

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