Harte Peat Ltd, operate the production of its casing material according to best practise and Code of Practise for production of casing material suitable for organic mushroom production.

We harvest peat from our own private peat bog which is of no scientific or natural heritage interest. The surrounding woodland areas are maintained as screening and will not be harvested. We do not use any chemicals in connection with the excavation of, or surface harvesting of our peat from the Bogs. Surrounding weed control at the perimeter of the harvested area is carried out by mechanical flail only and no herbicides are used. The material dug is carried into our ‘controlled area’ where our casing mixing plant is built and operates. Cleaning of the plant, storage bunkers and surrounding concrete hard standing areas is carried using pressure wash steam cleaning. No chemicals are used in this area. Bulk carrying vehicles are pressure washed before entering the controlled area using pressue wash steam cleaner.

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