Quality of Casing

An Independent analysis of all batches of mushroom casing  supplied by Harte Peat is carried out by an independent labatory.  We monitor all physical parameters of our mushroom casing for every batch that we produce.  This ensures that our mushroom casings have a consistency and quality in every batch that we are proud of.

 It was found that:

"Both The casing quality and the mushroom yields recorded were consistent"

"No significant difference was found in any of the casing parameters showing the casings are thoroughly mixed and consistent throughout the all batches"

In multiple mushroom casing quality assessments it has been found that Harte Peat have been consistent overall in all quality parameters. Analysis of the data obtained during the independent project revealed that in Harte Peat produced mushroom casings both the Casing quality and the Mushroom yields recorded were consistent.  

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